Glen Deveron 16 Year Review

The Glen Deveron 16yr video review is on this YouTube link. Glen Deveron 16yr is released for the travel retail market, its one of three Glen Deveron’s which have been introduced into the Travel Retail market from 2013 and this bottle I picked up was from Heathrow Airport.

Tasting Notes:
Colour: Amber
Nose: Cereal notes, then I get green apples notes like a granny smith apple ending with hints of barley.
Palate: You can feel cereal notes as if they are on the tongue in texture, It then develops into fresh apple which lingers all over the palate and keeps a great consistency which doesn’t feel light nor heavy but perfectly balanced.
Finish: Green apples which finish into a slightly dry and woody note.

AGE: 16 year
ABV: 40%
CASKS: Fine Sherry Oak Casks
DISTILLERY: Macduff Distillery
COMPANY: Bacardi
PRICE: £47.00
EXCLUSIVE: Travel Retail Exclusive

Comments: My overall summary of this whisky is that its not a complex whisky but rather simple and hits the spot. It is a very easy drinking whisky and for the price wise and quantity its great value for money and travel exclusive.

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