Glen Deveron 20 Year Review

The Glen Deveron 20yr video review is on this YouTube link. Glen Deveron 20yr is released for the travel retail market, its one of three Glen Deveron’s which have been introduced into the Travel Retail market from 2013 and this bottle I picked up was from Heathrow Airport.

Tasting Notes:
Colour: Coppery
Nose: Lightly toasted hazelnuts, Exotic fruits such as passion fruit and pineapple with roasted cereal notes.
Palate: The body of this whisky is initially watery but develops into a medium body, the longer one leaves it on the palate it grows further and get the hints of hazelnut shells, liquorice and exotic fruits. Sinks into the taste buds with a slight dryness.
Finish: Exotic fruits which has a medium finish but fades quickly and abruptly, leaves a sweet dryness on the palate of skins of sultanas.

AGE: 20 year
ABV: 40%
CASKS: Fine Sherry Oak Casks
DISTILLERY: Macduff Distillery
COMPANY: Bacardi
PRICE: £70.00
EXCLUSIVE: Travel Retail Exclusive

Comments: After leaving it a while the nose oxidizes and becomes much more inviting, very smooth, easy drinking and not really complex. Like the other Glen Deveron’s in the range all very easy drinking and not offering a lot of complexity.

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