Glenlivet Master Distillers Reserve Solera Vatted Review

The Glenlivet Master Distillers Reserve Solera Vatted is a whisky I purchased on my trip to Germany in April but only getting round to reviewing it now. I picked this up from Heathrow at the time for £54.99. for the litre. Throughout the blog I’m going to shorten the name of the whisky as its rather long, lol. Now the Glenlivet MDR Solera is a NAS whisky which is a Non Age Stated whisky meaning that its age is minimum of 3 years. The Glenlivet MDR solera was introduced into Travel retail as an Exclusive and still remains exclusive to the airports retail market with the other two MDR expression the Master Distillers Reserve and the Master Distillers Reserve Small Batch .

Tasting Notes:
Colour: Antique Gold
Nose: The nose for the MDR solera is very inviting with its sweet toffee nose, then a very rich fruity character makes way of stewed fruits figs, plums, raisins with juicy sultanas bursting with flavour.
Palate: The texture of this whisky is a light medium which is very similar to the standard Master Distillers reserve. A slight creaminess develops & moist summer fruits (cranberries, raspberries and blackcurrants) can be felt on the palate making it rather mouth watering. Also I get a maple syrup sweetness which feels like its been sprinkled with icing sugar. It more or less reminds me of having pancakes with Summer fruits, over the top glazed with maple syrup and dusted with icing sugar.
Finish: It has a medium finish and the sweet and creaminess lingers around before fading. This version of the MDR doesn’t have much of a nuttier finish like the standard MDR and is also not dry as its more towards a juicier finish. It reminds me of a Butterscotch sweet.

ABV: 40%
CASKS: [Traditional Oak + American Oak + Ex-Sherry Casks] in Solera Vat
DISTILLERY: Glenlivet Distillery
COMPANY: Pernod Ricard
PRICE: £54.99 for 1 Litre
EXCLUSIVE: Travel Retail Exclusive

Comments: My opinion of this whisky is that it doesn’t need any additional water as I feel this whisky is soft and sweet already. If you do add water it will just further soften this delicious dram. In comparison to the standard Glenlivet Master Distillers Reserve this is much more fruiter and sweeter, without having the spice element. The complexity is offered in the summer fruits which can be felt on the nose and also on the palate. This dram felt to me like a pancake breakfast with the fruits, syrup and Icing sugar but without the pancakes. I really enjoyed this whisky and think if you are flying through a airport and have a palate for fruiter sweet whiskies then this would be a great pick.

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