Kininvie 17 Year Batch 1 Review

This review will look at the Kininvie 17yr Batch 001, which is from the Kininvie Distillery made exclusively for the travel retail market. So if you’re reading this and new to the name of Kininvie it’s from the William Grant & Sons portfolio and is one of the major contributors in the blended whisky Monkey Shoulder. Now the Kininvie 17yr Batch 001 was initially released in the travel retail market in the UK whereas the Kininvie 23yr Batch 001 was released exclusively for the Taiwanese travel retail market. The Kininvie 23yr is being sold in the domestic market but only as batches 002 & 003 for a minimum value of £125.

The Kininvie 17yr which I purchased was purchased from Heathrow Airports World Duty Free and I paid £75 for the bottle, which is a 35cl bottle. Some would say that price for that size of the bottle is rather dear but then again it is batch 001 out of a possible 3 batches like its 23yr counterpart. Now as this is Batch 001 and an Airport Exclusive you will find if travelling it has led it its price outside of the airport finding a retail value much higher as some auctions and on Amazon pricing it at £225. So if you are looking for a little investment bottle this could be a little gem and if you looking for how it tastes then the notes are just below. Also be sure to check the Youtube link with my video review attached.


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Pale Gold
Nose: Fresh White fruits like apples and pears, deep vanilla infused with a sweeter notes reminds me of fresh vanilla fudge, it moves into a slightly softer citrus note. Interestingly the longer I nose this whisky I notice that different parts of my nose pick up on different characteristics, the left picks up on orange blossom whereas the right picks up on a mellow spice.
Palate: On to the palate the texture is rather light, It begins with a light spice texture which starts around the sides of the palate with a peppery note and offers a mouth warming gingery spice. It then makes way for a creamy vanilla custard and delightful butterscotch left hovering around the palate.
Finish: The Finish for this whisky offers a rather interesting finish with a Mandarin citrus note with a mixture of sweetness and bitterness. I moves from the bitterness at first of the mandarin orange inner skin into the sweet citrus of the inside with a dash of delicate spice and on the end a floral orange blossom.

AGE: 17 years
ABV: 42.6%
CASKS: American Oak (80%) + Spanish Sherry Oak (20%)
DISTILLERY: Kininvie Distillery
REGION/ORIGIN: Speyside, Scotland
PRICE: £75 for 35cl
EXCLUSIVE: Yes [Travel Retail Exclusive – Batch 1]

Comments: The Kininvie 17yr is a very easy and approachable whisky to drink. Light in character and texture, it doesn’t go over the top in complexity which makes it very pleasant to drink. From the price point of view paying £75 for a 35cl it works out to £210 for the litre which can be very steep so that can be something off putting from buying it as it does work out dearly. In my opinion I wouldn’t recommend any water as this whisky would drown and be tasteless if water was added. But if you are looking to invest and not drink then it will be worth the investment and if you are buying to drink then I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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