First ‘Drinks by the Dram’ Order

Today I received my first Drinks by the Dram order which I wanted to share with everyone. It consisted of 5 different Drams which were in 3cl sample bottles which Drinks by the Dram is very popular for. So yesterday which was Friday the 27th January 2017 was when I placed the order and since I was fairly eager to see how the service was, I opted for the express delivery which was an extra £9.95 which could have been another dram but my impatience got the better of me, lol. And I received my delivery today on Saturday 28th January 2017.


So the next thing question that comes to mind is what did you order? And why did you order those specific drams? The drams that I ordered where more towards the Flora and Fauna bottles with the exception of one Glenmorangie. The reason behind the choice in drams is because I’ve recently started to collect the Flora and Fauna bottles which I’ll have an individual post on but the first thing that comes to mind when collecting or building a collection is what do they taste like? And therefore that the benefit of being able to buy drams to prevent me opening my larger bottles. Plus I’ll be reviewing these samples to help others who wish to buy these bottles and also log my own tasting notes for future reference.

List of the Drams Purchased:
Glenmorangie Milsean
Dailuaine 16yr Flora and Fauna
Benrinnes 15yr Flora and Fauna
Inchgower 14yr Flora and Fauna
Blair Athol 12yr Flora and Fauna


Review will follow soon: drkbythedr-4

To conclude the service from Master of Malt & Drinks by the Dram was amazing and also the delivery was good as it was on time, the only down side was that the cardboard separators between the dram bottles was damaged so the bottles were knocking alongside one another. But that could be down to the delivery service. But I’d totally recommend people to use this service as it was fast and reliable and it’s a great way to taste drams which you have interest in but don’t want to commit on the full bottle yet. Thank you to Master of Malt & Drinks for the Dram for great speed and reliability as I’ll definitely be placing some more orders soon! Slainte

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