Talisker Dark Storm Review

Today I look at the travel retail exclusive whisky from the Isle of Skye from the well-known Talisker Distillery the Talisker Dark Storm. Initially released in 2013 and found across most of travel retail in 2014 the Talisker Dark Storm is matured in heavily charred oak cask which gives this expression a richer smoker flavour profile. Matching many other Taliskers with a 45.8% abv however this whisky doesn’t offer an age statement. I picked up this bottle from Heathrow Airports Duty Free for £49 for the 1 Litre bottle, so let’s move into the tasting notes.


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Oak Burnt Oak
Nose: Instantly on the nose you’re greeted with a full body of smoke, sea breeze and a combination of spices in cloves, nutmeg and black pepper, smoked meat but more charred, smoked BBQ sauce.
Palate: Entry on the palate is a big burn oak, spiced in black pepper, honey glazed ham joint with a crispy crunchy outside and meat melting in my mouth, Medium body but really feel it more on the edges of the palate in the iodine with brine notes right on the end.
Finish: Iodine, body of smoke, black pepper with a very long finish.


ABV: 45.8%
CASKS: Charred Oak Casks
DISTILLERY: Talisker Distillery
REGION/ORIGIN: Islands, Scotland
PRICE: £49 for 1 litre
EXCLUSIVE: Travel Retail Exclusive

Comments: My opinion on the Talisker Dark Storm is that’s it offers a very distinct rounded full body of smoke compared to other Taliskers and as for a NAS whisky you can feel the slight youth which is offered from the vibrancy and bold character from start to finish. One of my favourite flavours to emerge from this whisky is the smoked BBQ note which really easily picked up from the nose all the way through to the finish. I would personally recommend this whisky neat however with a couple drops of water it reduces the peppery pungent notes. If you like the smoky character to your whiskies then give this Talisker a try as it’s a little more smoky then the standard 10yr but has a very nice rounded flavour and long finish which I feel is definitely worth a try. If you have tried the Talisker Dark Storm then let me know your opinion down below.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. George. elPolako says:

    I have very similar experience with Dark Storm. From the trio of Storm – NAS, Dark Storm – NAS and 10 YO, Dark storm is my favorite. It’s youth i think in this setup work to it’s advantage. Adds that zest, that it’s lost in older expression.


    1. whiskywise says:

      Thanks George, I find that I also like the younger expressions more then the older ones aswell.


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