Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01 Review

Today’s whisky review will look into the Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01 which is a mouthful to say so I’m going to shorten it down to PC CC:01. Now if this whisky is new to you I’ll explain and decode the name. The PC CC:01 is the first time a Port Charlotte has been finished in Cognac casks (CC) which is French Oak that previously held the greatest French Eau Du Vie for making cognacs. The (01) simply means that it’s the first edition. The whisky is distilled in the Bruichladdich distillery and then matured in the French oak casks in the Port Charlotte warehouses. The PC 2007 CC:01 is a travel retail expression which is only available in travel ports.


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Pale Gold
Nose: Not picking up the heavily peated character on the nose unlike what it states on the bottle but more or a light earthy peat, more of a charcoal smell as if I’m prepping a barbecue. Then the traditional Islay style comes out with a brine smell with citrus notes more towards a lemon waxiness.
Palate: First sip on the palate is and POW this is where the peat makes its entry, now I see the heavy intense peat. The Brine really works through the middle of the palate and then moves around the sides, hints of lemon citrus and reminds me of the inside of a lemon, more towards the inside of the skin the pulp. A mouth warming gingery spice really lingers around.
Finish: The finish is extremely long with a briny character along with the earthy peat and bitter citrus character, however the citrus seems to end earlier and the peated brine continues.

AGE: 8yr
ABV: 57.8%
CASKS: French Oak Casks that held Greatest French Eau Du Vie
DISTILLERY: Bruichladdich Distillery
COMPANY: Remy Cointreau
REGION/ORIGIN: Islay, Scotland
PRICE: £64.99
EXCLUSIVE: Travel Retail Exclusive

My opinion on the PC 2007 CC:01 is that’s it’s a great Islay whisky with its rich earthy peat and citrus notes. One of the features that I really enjoyed is the way in which the peat doesn’t seem to be so powerful on the nose but then the entry to the palate it uncovers its heavy peated profile. As for value for money goes this whisky is priced around £65 for an exclusive young whisky but the main factor I believe in the pricing is the use of the Cognac casks, so in that sense I feel it can be seen as value for money because of this interesting choice in wood, it’s not something that you will see every day. To conclude this review if I had to compare it to other whiskies I would say that it was rather interesting as it differed from nose to palate / finish. If you’re a fan of the heavily peated style or maybe just looking to explore something different give this a try but also remember that it’s only available in Travel Retail.

Below is a more closer look at the bottle.

Below is a closer look at the Tin

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