Mortlach Special Strength Review

I’m going to review the Mortlach Special Strength, as it’s a whisky I’ve been drinking quite frequently and wanted to share my thoughts and tasting notes with you. If you want to know a little fact into the Mortlach distillery, it was the first legal distillery in 1823 in Dufftown known to many as the heart of Speyside and the whisky capital of the region. Mortlach is known to many as the ‘Beast of Speyside’ for its rich fruity and meaty character with all its whiskies. In 2014 Diageo decided to rebrand Mortlach as a luxury brand in the Diageo portfolio, they bottled all the whiskies in 50cl bottles and kept four editions in the range, these four bottles are the Rare Old, 18 Year Old, 25 Year Old and the Special Strength (Travel Retail only). I’ll leave a link in the name at the start of the paragraph if you like to watch my video review, as for now I’m going to write my tasting notes below.


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Golden Bronze
Nose: Immediately the powerful abv is present on the nose, passing the abv you find the development of a handful of dried fruits such as figs, sultanas and raisins. Rich coco powder plus dark chocolate in the 90% range. I also pick up a coffee note which reminds me of sitting in a coffee shop and getting a shot of expresso followed by a slight nuttiness of nutmeg accompanied with some vanilla. A lot going on in this whisky just of the nose but definite sherry characteristics.
Palate: On the palate this whisky is very oily and silky in character as it coats the palate, its rich and chewy I can even call this meaty as it sinks into the taste buds. I also find the spice starts to make its presence more like a black peppery warmth with aniseed but I’m particularly not finding so overpowering. After the spice fades a little a cappuccino dusted with chocolate powder taste hovers over the palate as the fruitcake mix coats the tongue, the taste feels like biting into a succulent Christmas fruit cake with the texture and bursts in flavours, chewy & just devine!
Finish: Now feeling the spice sinking around the side of the jaws with the fruit fruitness making its mark. This whisky has a long, long finish.


ABV: 49%
CASKS: Ex-Bourbon American Oak + Refill European Oak + Recharred Hogsheads Casks DISTILLERY: Mortlach Distillery
REGION/ORIGIN: Speyside, Scotland
PRICE: £75.99
EXCLUSIVE: Travel Retail Exclusive


Comments: My opinion on the Mortlach Special Strength is a fantastic sherry bomb of a whisky as it offers all the go to signs if you’re into sherried styles. This is one whisky which I would say is more towards a sip and savour whisky as it’s not one to be rushed. If you also like more towards the a more stronger abv it plays to that aswell. But there is a downside to this whisky which to me sticks out like a sore thumb and that’s the price, at £76 for the 50cl that puts this whisky at around £150 for the litre which I feel is very steep for the NAS style it is. However this Mortlach is definitely something I enjoyed a lot more than the Rare Old which is the domestic release. But when I bring in is it worth it I’m going to go with a 50/50 as if you don’t mind spending a bit more then you’ll definitely will see why I favoured it. Let me know if you’ve tried it and your opinions below. Slainte

The Mortlach Special Strength Below:


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