Glenmorangie Milsean Review

The Glenmorangie Milsean is the 7th release in the private edition range from Glenmorangie which release a newer edition every year and this specific bottling was from 2016. The name Milsean in Scots Gaelic means ‘Sweet Things’ and is also pronounced as ‘meel-shawn’. The name links perfectly with the flavour profile behind this whisky as it’s initially matured in Ex Bourbon Casks for a period of 10yrs and then finished for 2 ½ in red wine casks from Portugal which had been deeply toasted, which had some residue that had crystalized extracting that rich sweet character. Let’s dive into the tasting notes!

Tasting Notes:
Colour: Copper Gold
Nose: On the nose sweet aroma of walking into a candy shop with dollymix aroma, vanilla toffee, candied citrus peel but more towards a tangerine.
Palate: On the palate the Milsean delivers a slight sweet spice cinnamon, crystallised ginger plus it feels like you’re biting into it whilst having its sweeter undertone, so a mixture of warmth and sweetness. A slight bitterness can be felt reminding me of a grapefruit peel but with a sweet candied coating.
Finish: On the finish a warm ginger lingers around, consistent sweetness, honeyed heather, medium finish and again with a crystalized ginger.

AGE: 12 ½ yrs
ABV: 46%
CASKS: Ex Bourbon Cask + Toasted Portuguese Red Wine Casks
DISTILLERY: Glenmorangie Distillery
REGION/ORIGIN: Highlands, Scotland
PRICE: £79.99
EXCLUSIVE: Yes (Few Cases Global)

Comments: My opinion on the Glenmorangie Milsean is that if you have a massive sweet tooth and the love for whisky then this is definitely one to try and look out for. It really does incorporate its Scot Gaelic name as it truly is a sweet thing. As for the price of the dram it’s priced around £80 at this moment in time which matches all other Private Edition releases at the beginning. Since it’s limited and a one of production I can see why it has a slightly higher than normal price tag and quality in the whisky is present. So would I recommend this whisky? The answer to that is yes, for some this might be too sweet and others perfect but I have found myself really enjoying this whisky and therefore recommend it.  If undecided on this you can always pick up a sample on master of malts website and give it a go. If you’ve tried the Milsean then let me know your thoughts on it. Slainte.
The Past Private Editions:
1st   – Sonnalta PX
2nd – Finealta
3rd  – Artein 15yr
4th  – Ealanta
5th  – Companta
6th  – Tusail
7th  – Milsean
8th  – Bacalta

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