Glenlivet 15 Year Old French Oak Review

The Glenlivet 15 Year old is one of two fifteen year old expression released from Glenlivet but in this review I’m going to be reviewing the French Oak 15 year old. The use of French Oak casks in whisky maturation actually started with Glenlivet as they were the first to use this interesting wood to mature their whiskies. The type of French oak which is used is the Limousin Oak which is mainly used for maturing Cognacs.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Golden with Pinkish Hues
Nose: The nose the sweet aroma of Maraschinos Cherries dusted with icing sugar, a slight woody note alongside it more towards freshly chopped pinewood and a slight polished oak. I also pick up lime juice, ripe peach and a floral blossom.
Palate: On the palate the Glenlivet 15yr reminds me of butter icing infused with lime zest. Offers a medium texture and then a spicy note come to the palate in the presence of white pepper. Next after holding it in the palate I’m finding more of a tropical presence with not fully rip mango, apricots, and a cedar wood slight dryness, then back again to stone fruits in the apricots and peaches.
Finish: The finish holds the white peppery note but is so creamy, grapefruit zest sparks the ongoing citrus zest. An ongoing floral and barley notes wavers around the palate until the end as its not heavy in but long and really pleasant finish.

AGE: 15 years
ABV: 40%
CASKS: Matured in French Oak Casks (Limousin Oak)
DISTILLERY: Glenlivet Distillery
COMPANY: Pernod Ricard
REGION/ORIGIN: Speyside, Scotland
PRICE: £40
EXCLUSIVE: Not Exclusive

Comments: My overall opinion to summarise the Glenlivet 15yr is that it’s a creamy rich whisky with its mixture of floral and hint of spice which dance on the palate. As from the price point of view it’s around the £40 mark which is very reasonable for a 15yr whisky as many are priced higher but for the style which is an interesting finish in the Limousin oak really giving this whisky and creamy distinctive character I definitely feel it’s worth the price and a good value for money dram. If you’re looking for something with a unique finish and that not going to be a massive dent in the kitty then this is one worth trying. I’ll leave this review on that note but if you have tried the Glenlivet 15yr French Oak let me know your opinions down below, Slainte!

The Glenlivet Core Range minus the 25yr:

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