Glenlivet 18 Year Old Review

The Glenlivet 18 year old is part of the core aged range from Glenlivet and also known as its Guardians series which features alongside its other aged bottles. The Glenlivet 18 year is also matured in 1st & 2nd fill American oak casks and European oak casks which are Ex-Sherry giving it its spicy overtones. In the past few years it’s also picked up 2 Gold awards at the IWSC which is the International Wine and Spirit Competition. So let’s move into the tasting notes.

Tasting Notes:
Colour: Rich Amber.
Nose: The nose it starts with Seville sun soaked oranges, honey and barley, then I pick out a deeper sweet fruity note in dry raisins also some floral notes. Behind I find nutmeg lingering away on the end almost hidden by the continual citrus note.
Palate: On the palate the texture is almost light medium texture and overall a light presence. Chewy barley covered in a jacket of honey, creamy vanilla with a white peppery spice. Carried on from the nose I still get the orange on the palate but more towards a segments of an orange with a little of the inner skin bitterness, after holding on the palate for a while I get a red apple fruity note but more like you’re taking a bite of the apple with its skin on.
Finish: The finish for the Glenlivet 18 offers up a spiced oak note along with a chewy barley note reminding me of the palate and as the spice fades it leaves you wanting more.

AGE: 18 yrs
ABV: 43%
CASKS: First & Second Fill American Oak + Ex Sherry Casks
DISTILLERY: Glenlivet Distillery
COMPANY: Pernod Ricard
REGION/ORIGIN: Speyside, Scotland
PRICE: £60
EXCLUSIVE: Not Exclusive

To summaries the Glenlivet 18yr overall it’s very palatable with its smooth and balanced character. I’ve tried quite a few different 18yr Glenlivet’s over the past year and one thing I’ve found is they all remain consistent. As for the price point of view around £60-70 depending on where you find it, I think it’s priced very reasonably and the quality of the whisky is great value. In terms of adding water and the question of if it needs to be added, once I tried it neat I did find there was a citrus bitterness but when you add water it removes this bitter character, the above tasting notes are without water. Personally I really enjoyed the 18yr and would recommend you to give it a try if you haven’t.
Here is the Core range which I’ve added a picture of below:

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