Balvenie 16 Year Old Triple Cask Review

This review is going to look at the Balvenie 16 year old Triple Cask, it’s a Balvenie from the Triple Cask range which is exclusive to travel retail however it can also be found on some websites but it’s still predominantly in Airports and on Cruises. The Triple Cask range offers three expression which are the 12yr, 16yr and the 25yr. This review will look into the Balvenie 16 Year Old Triple Cask which is the middle level whisky for the Balvenie Travel Retail range. The Triple Cask range does differ from the standard domestic market releases being matured in an additional cask compared to the Doublewood expressions.  The casks used in the Triple cask Range are the Oloroso Sherry butts, First Fill Bourbon Barrels and Traditional Whisky casks.

So what makes the Triple Cask unique?

In the Triple Cask range none of the casks are used for finishing the whisky, unlike in the Doublewood range where finishing takes place. We’ll use the Balvenie 16yr as our example this means that all three casks being used Oloroso Sherry, 1st Fill Bourbon Barrels and Traditional Whisky Casks holds the whisky in them for 16 years and then being combined together in a large Marrying tun for six months so all the flavours can combine together giving each of the Triple Cask expressions its unique style and character.


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Burnt Amber.
Nose: First impressions on the nose is Rich Dried fruits it’s almost like I’m nosing a bowl of fruit cake mix, raisins, plums, dates and sultanas; I’m also finding a citrus note in blood orange segments juicy. Vanilla pods and behind that mellow spice of grated nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon.
Palate: The texture on the palate is light but then develops in to a medium body as it becomes creamy, the fruit cake is back and this time its warm moist fruitcake with cream poured over the top. A pinch of spice is felt after of nutmeg, also finding orange peel bringing out its slight bitter character and right on the end is spiced oak.
Finish: Into the finish the flavours being savoured are a waxy orange peel bursting in citrus notes offering up a medium long finish, a juicy fruity character and a really soft spice that fades as time goes on!


AGE: 16 yrs
ABV: 40%
CASKS: Oloroso Sherry Butts, 1st Fill Bourbon & Traditional Whisky Casks.
DISTILLERY: Balvenie Distillery
COMPANY: William Grant and Sons
REGION/ORIGIN: Speyside, Scotland
PRICE: £84
EXCLUSIVE: Yes (Travel Retail Exclusive)

Comments: When you look at some whiskies and an added 4 years there are slight differences but with this dram it presents you with so much more flavour and texture. Instantly this gives a mellower yet richer and creamy texture, less spice compared to the 12yr counterpart. I feel this has a correct harmony of flavours that are perfectly balanced. Now to look at the price, it is priced at £84 for the 70cl which compared with the 17yr Doublewood in the domestic market is at £92, this adds to that it’s great buy as you’re getting great flavour and complexity. If you do have the opportunity to pick this up I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sorrenkrebs says:

    Great review as always Jason.. You just can’t beat a good Balvenie but it is such a shame they feel the need for colouring. A little extra abv wouldn’t hurt either..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. whiskywise says:

      Yeah I completely agree with you on the abv and colour!

      Liked by 1 person

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