Malts of Scotland Dalmore 1996 (Bottled 2017) (Cask 17003) Review

This review I’m going to look into the Malts of Scotland Dalmore 1996, which is from the independent bottler of Malts of Scotland. If you haven’t heard of them then I’ll tell you a little about them. Malts of Scotland is an independent bottler (German Owned) of whiskies at cask strength, each of the bottling are of limited number and all unique casks which are chosen which makes them difficult to reproduce so once they are gone they are gone. Within the United Kingdom the official distributor is Bartels Whisky.

Getting back to the whisky which I am going to look at today is the Malts of Scotland Dalmore 1996 which is a cask strength whisky bottled at 57.4% abv and aged for 21 years in Sherry Hogshead cask. This bottle is limited to only 225 bottles worldwide so once it’s gone it will be gone. This expression in particular has no caramel colour which leaves it all with its natural cask influenced colour. The MoS Dalmore 1996 was bottled in early 2017 and information from Bartels is that out of all 225 bottles produced only 10 remain, so I see this as a super-hot seller. Anyway let’s get into the tasting notes.

Tasting Notes:
Colour: Deep Mahogany.
Nose: On the nose heavily dried fruits in the presence of raisins, figs with sticky dates. A rich sherry bomb of a dram, nutty character emerges from behind of walnuts and soft toasted hazelnuts, a lively burst in citrus tangerine segments, red pear and honey lingers on the end. (The longer the dram is left to open up a richer nuttier character emerges)
Palate: Next we move onto the palate and will start with the texture, the feel on the palate is of a medium to full body. Surprising for such a high abv you don’t feel it on the palate but a hint of soft spice, behind that I get a woody note in cedar wood which dries the palate slightly before uncovering a note of rich cocoa powder and even mocha coffee. It develops itself into a silky texture coating the mouth and now the fruit character can be revealed, black cherries offering up a sweetness with its tannins and fruitcake mix which has been sitting in its juices for a while, mouth-watering goodness. You can feel this dram sitting in the lower parts of you jaws.
Finish: Into the finish of this whisky a rich and fruity aftertaste with a oaky dryness, red fruits also flavourful of red currants and dried cranberries, strong coco dark chocolate in the 90%+ range and distinctively getting the rich from this wonder cask.

AGE: 21 yrs
ABV: 57.4%
CASK(S): Sherry Hogshead
DISTILLERY: Dalmore Distillery
BOTTLER: Malts of Scotland
REGION/ORIGIN: Highlands, Scotland
PRICE: £144.95
EXCLUSIVE: YES (225 Bottles)

Comments: My opinion on the Malts of Scotland Dalmore 1996 is that it’s an incredibly fruity whisky from start to finish. So, so rich with a long finish giving you those flavours that you just don’t want to end. It does have a lot of complexity to unravel but this is one to take your time with to really appreciate it, no water needed even though its 57.4% abv, which can be a shocker to some but this dram is that palatable that if you added water I feel you wouldn’t get the best of it. As for the value for money aspect I feel this is totally value for money, especially when you size up the quality of this monster of all sherry bombs and even when you compare it to other Dalmore’s an example is the core range Dalmore 21yr which is approximately £320 RRP which is just over double the price and with this (MoS Dalmore 1996) you’re getting natural colour and non-chill filtered goodness versus the Dalmore 21yrs 42% abv and artificial colour [e150a caramel colour]. To add that I heard there is only around 10 bottles left in circulation so if you have one or see one and are a big fan of sherry bomb whiskies then this is one you can’t miss. But on that note I also want to thank the team at Bartels Whisky & MoS (Malts of Scotland) for the opportunity to taste this dram. Also if anyone does know where a bottle of this is available to buy let me know as it’s one that I definitely want to add to my collection. If you have tried this let me know your thoughts down below in the comments section, Slainte.

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