Glenfiddich Project XX Review

Todays review is going to look at the Glenfiddich Project XX which is the second release in the Experimental Series from Glenfiddich launched in mid-2016. It saw the release of two expressions to start the Experimental Series the first being the Glenfiddich IPA Experiment and the second is the Glenfiddich Project XX. For this review I’m going to look into the Glenfiddich Project XX which stands for the number 20 in roman numerals and is a No Age Statement (NAS) whisky, bottled at 47% abv much more stronger then the standard Glenfiddich. It’s creation was brought about after Glenfiddich Brian Kinsman invited 20 of its Brand Ambassadors from around the world to choose a cask out of thousand on selection and all the 20 casks from 20 minds were masterfully combined together by Brian Kinsman to create the Glenfiddich Project XX. I picked up this bottle from the Whisky Exchange in Covent Garden for £55 as its been a difficult one to get a hold of but how I have it lets jump into the tasting notes.


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Bronze Gold.
Nose: To begin on the nose ripe Seville orange zest spraying its aroma, red anjou pears, dried apricots and creamy vanilla yoghurt. Brown sugar offering its sweet aroma, then on the end a dried orange blossom with a slightly grassy note.
Palate: On the palate rich dark chocolate covering blood oranges and then a palate of spice in the presence of cloves and black pepper. As the spice fades it makes way for sultanas and a sweet sticky fudge, apple tart with a sprinkle of cinnamon dancing on the palate before finishing up with a slightly spiced oak drying the outer parts of the palate.
Finish: The finish reveals a long rich creamy vanilla followed by a shortbread sweetness which lingers around.


ABV: 47%
CASKS: Whiskies selected by 20 Brand Ambassadors combined by Brian Kinsman (Malt Master).
DISTILLERY: Glenfiddich Distillery
COMPANY: William Grant and Sons
REGION/ORIGIN: Speyside, Scotland
PRICE: £55
EXCLUSIVE: (2st Edition from the Experimental Series)


Comments: My overall opinion on the Glenfiddich Project XX starting from the taste it offers up a lot of complexity and a very nice creamy palate. It’s a very enjoyable dram with it’s combination of flavours, as for the design of the bottle it looks very elegant with its tinted glass shrouding itself in mystery until poured. Looking into the price point of view its around £50 but depending on where you find it higher or lower, I personally paid more then I should have but at the time I couldn’t find it so paid for that. But I think its fairly priced for the brilliance and combination of all 20 casks selected. For me the NAS argument doesn’t really phase me as the taste is what matter more but with this the flavours are great and find it a well worth dram. So now I look forward to the upcoming releases from the Experimental Series and what unique productions they have. You can also find my video review linked in the first paragraph or just “Click Here”.

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