Kavalan Solist Port Cask Review

This will be my second review into the Kavalan Solist range which will be featuring a review into the Kavalan Solist Port Cask. The Kavalan Solist Port Cask is a Single Cask bottling solely matured in a port cask which is also bottled at Cask strength at 57.8% abv and kept at natural colour. The Solist Port Cask was introduced fairly recently to the Kavalan Solist range in 2016 and since its release has been picking up many awards globally in the little time it’s been out with great success for the Solist range. It recently picked up the IWSC 2016 Gold Outstanding award. If you’d like to check out the YouTube video review you can do so here by clicking the link ‘Kavalan Solist Port Cask Review.


As I favour port casks a lot more than other types of finishing and maturing I’ll will be critiquing it more than the regular whisky. So also to being I also want to mention about climate and how in Taiwan the climate is different of that of other countries where the heat is much more then compared to Scotland and the effects it has on the whisky during the maturation. If you’re new to Taiwan’s climate which has an average temperature of 23 degrees up to 38 degrees Celsius whiskies in Taiwan mature 3-5 times faster than Scotland meaning a whisky matured for 5 years matches a 15-25yr Scotch.


How to Read the Cask No. bottle code:
Each code on every bottle differs as each one tells you about the casks used and the cask number. The one on my bottle is as follows: [O090629012A] Now to break to code down is rather simple into the type of cask used, then the years, months, day & barrel number on the day.

O  |   09  |  06  |  29  |  012  |  A
Port Cask  |  Year  |  Month  |  Day  |  Barrel on the Day  |  A


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Polished Mahogany.
Nose: The nose begins on notes which remind me of coconut cheesecake but without the crumble base, vanilla icing sugar with a slight tangerine citrus lingering on the end and rich vanilla oak.
Palate: On the palate it begins with a rich thick texture, juicy succulent combination of berries such as blackcurrants, raspberries and sultanas all stewing in their own juices piled on the top of a New York style vanilla cheesecake and then dusted over the top with icing sugar. This literally feels to me like I’m drinking a desert.
Finish: The finish reveals tropical fruity notes as passion fruit starts to uncover itself and guava. A citrus character of lemon zest coated in a jacket of thick syrupy honey that ends on a long finish.


ABV: 57.8%
CASKS: Port Casks.
DISTILLERY: Kavalan Distillery
COMPANY: King Car Group
REGION/ORIGIN: Yilan County, Taiwan
PRICE: £135
EXCLUSIVE: Yes + No (Different Batches)


Comments: to conclude my review into the Kavalan Solist Port Cask is that this whisky really just makes me feel like I’m drinking a desert with the fruity notes and vanilla creaminess which seems to roll around and linger continuously around the palate. In terms of comparison to other Port cask whiskies I’ve tasted this stands by far above all the others with its creamy complexity and flavours from start to finish. I’d go as far as describing it the ‘Port Monster’ of all Port whiskies just like the Sherry whiskies have the ‘Sherry Monster’ and ‘SherryBombs’. The price point of view at £135 approx. may seem steep at first but when you size up the fact that you’re getting a whisky of this quality being a single cask, cask strength, natural colour and burst with flavours then this makes it very reasonable. If you also enjoy your port cask finishes then be sure to give this a go as its one not worth missing out on. Let me know your thoughts on the Kavalan Solist Port Cask if you’ve tried it and also don’t forget to check out my YouTube review here ‘Kavalan Solist Port Cask Review.’ Sainte!

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