Hibiki 12 Year Old Review

The Hibiki 12 year is the entry level blended aged whisky from Suntory, which is a blend of the well-known Yamazaki and Hakushu along with the single grain whisky from the Chita distillery. Since this is an aged blend the minimum age of whisky is 12 years and is priced at £35 when I picked up the bottle however currently it’s priced at £80 due to the Japanese hype in whisky interest. The bottle has a unique design which has 24 facets to represent the 24 Japanese seasons. So let’s begin with my tasting notes.


Tasting Notes:
Colour: Chestnut Amber.
Nose: The nose begins with blood orange slices, spiced green apples stewing in its own juices with plum juice and polished oak on the end.
Palate: On the palate its introduction begins with a light texture, soft spice in the presence of pink pepper, the blood oranges are back along with dryness of plum skins and hints of cloves. The longer it’s kept on the palate the texture develops into a medium full texture with a sweeter note of dates and cedar wood.
Finish: On finish the peppery after note lingers around whilst the sweetness of sultanas with its distinctive oaky dryness, spiced marmalade with added zest and honey to end.


AGE: 12 yrs
ABV: 43%
CASKS: (Blended Whisky)
DISTILLERY: Yamazaki, Hakushu & Chita
COMPANY: Suntory
PRICE: £35 (£80)


Comments: My opinion on the Hibiki 12 year is not a stand out whisky by any means but as it is the entry level whisky from Hibiki it’s got a very nice and pleasant nose. Throughout the whisk you get a pleasant fruit character which is present from nose all the way to the finish but the spice aspect on the palate really subtracts from the overall enjoyment of this dram. As for value for money at £35 its not a bad whisky but the only issue I find is when you look at the price at £80 as then I feel it would not be worth it, however I will be looking for the other Hibiki’s like the 17, 21 and possibly the 30yr to compare them all in upcoming review. But let me know what you thought of the Hibiki 12yr and how you found it.

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